Lakes, rivers & mountains

Foreign languages and maps spanning far-flung places have always inspired me. I spent my childhood in the UK working my way through my local library’s collection, and my teenage years at the park reading and writing.

I’m eternally grateful to the BBC (BBC Blast Arts Programme), Manchester Art Gallery and The Tate (Creative Consultants), as well as the British Council (Research Fellowship) for these extraordinary opportunities that shaped my very ordinary world.

So much so, that after all these adventures, I crossed the channel and Switzerland became my new home. The lakes, rivers and mountains drew me in. I was a tour guide at the Castle of Gruyères, read French and English literature at the University of Lausanne, then headed off to Freie Universität Berlin to brush up on my German.

Next, the 6th floor of the Uni-Mail building and the nearby swimming pool became my new homes while I studied for my Masters in Conference Interpreting at the University of Geneva.

Since my MA, I’ve covered conferences in The Hague, in a tiny village in Switzerland called Evolène and, closer to home, at the many international organisations in Geneva. I’ve rediscovered the joy of teaching, which, like interpreting, is another conversation of sorts. I also continue to put pen to paper, for personal projects and commissioned work.