A-Z of how to navigate the recruitment and interview process.

The experience I gained working alongside recruitment specialists at the Genevan recruitment agency Lotus Partners has equipped me with all the skills to accompany you.

  1. Initial Assessment Call
  • Define personal aims & challenges
  1. First Session


  • Interview set-ups/scenarios (1-1, panel, “informal”)
  • English interview phraseology for your sector 
  • Which questions to expect
  • How to ask to rephrase
  • Responding in an organised manner
  • Making your career path flow
  • Cultural differences & expectations


  • Developing a personalised research strategy and using your research effectively
  • Matching your career history and skillset to the job description and terms of reference
  • Responding to questions (how to present your experience and adapt it to sector/aim/job description, e.g. relevance/time/gaps)
  • Perfecting the art of follow-up questions
  • Negotiating salary and benefit package diplomatically
  • Following up on application status/interview
  1. Personalised Self-Recorded Exercises
  • Exercises recorded by video and audio: responding to predictable questions and fielding unexpected questions, describing your prior experience, career path and future expectations
  1. Practice Session
  • Feedback on self-recorded exercises
  • Targeted follow-up exercises and mentoring to tackle individual weaknesses (e.g. poor eye contact, fidgeting, speaking too quickly, lack of voice projection)
  1. Written Summary of Feedback
  • Concise summary underlining what you need to be aware of during interviewing process


Optional extras:

Follow-up sessions available

CV/cover letter support

3 options:

1: preparation ahead of application & recruitment process

2: in middle of recruitment process underway for a specific position

3: at an advanced stage of recruitment for a specific position

Get in touch for a personalised quote and coaching programme.

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